World Cronus us
3Hunter of Death1,212,7751203Commander-Wodzu300Blade Dancer
Detailed guild rank on Cronus4demiurg300Mage
Detailed players rank on Cronus5The Toyyer300Warrior
Wanted players on Cronus6Savage300Mage
World Husaria pl
1No Way Out3,371,941761Go To Sleep300Tracker
2The One1,516,346452Wongart XD300Warrior
3P e n T a G r a m1,010,535503Satherr300Tracker
Detailed guild rank on Husaria4Salvon300Paladin
Detailed players rank on Husaria5Beautiful agony300Hunter
Wanted players on Husaria6Brave Kitty300Hunter
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Administrative blog:
Dear Players! One of you - Szalony Wariat - has recently fallen victim to a hacker who stole all content from the victim's account. Fortunately, we were able to retrieve the most important items and give them back to their owner. We would like to inform you that such incidents are very time-consuming and not all can be solved. Therefore, we kindly remind you to keep your account data as secure as possible. You can greatly increase your account protection by: -setting up a complicated password, -not entering any suspicious links or sites, -not installing any malicious software labelled commonly as game boosters/enhancers, gold adders etc. -not sharing your account data with ANYBODY, -reporting any suspicious incidents or players via the Support Panel. Please be advised that the administration has no obligation to return any account data lost as the consequence of the player's data leak (Terms of Use Agreement - Point 8, Section 6). However, we will do our best to help you. Stay protected!
Today's update: 2018 August Surprise event, beta auctions, new blessings, a couple of fixes, mob changes and more. If you lost Routine Stones by purchasing event blessings, please claim your refund via the Support Panel.