World Cronus us
2Homies2,046,302942The Toyyer300Warrior
3Justice999,398353Demolition Man300Tracker
Detailed guild rank on Cronus4Beware300Hunter
Detailed players rank on Cronus5Tetriell I300Tracker
Wanted players on Cronus6Narfen300Mage
World Husaria pl
1P e n T a G r a m3,509,1181101Go To Sleep300Tracker
2Not Found2,475,849892Wongart XD300Warrior
3Fast Experience1,306,670653Salvon300Paladin
Detailed guild rank on Husaria4Satherr300Tracker
Detailed players rank on Husaria5A'ndy300Blade Dancer
Wanted players on Husaria6Beautiful agony300Hunter
World Steamrealm us
1The plague1,329,477851Satherek300Warrior
2Nietypowy Homies894,535782Wongart292Warrior
3Golden Five222,415563Rudy284Paladin
Detailed guild rank on Steamrealm4Kubixsonix257Warrior
Detailed players rank on Steamrealm5Kukono227Paladin
Wanted players on Steamrealm6Kedowio220Mage
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Tomorrow's update: New Legendary Armors and NPCs, a couple of fixes and updates, and NEW PREMIUM SALES!
Today's update: Vacation Event changes incoming!
Today's update: Vacation Event 2019 is here! 7 Colossi, 3 Heroes, dozens of new items and resources, NEW PREMIUM SALES, and more!