World Cronus us
2Homies1,380,555672Commander-Wodzu300Blade Dancer
3Hunter of Death1,232,7751233demiurg300Mage
Detailed guild rank on Cronus4The Toyyer300Warrior
Detailed players rank on Cronus5Savage300Mage
Wanted players on Cronus6Zyziomek300Paladin
World Husaria pl
1No Way Out3,104,189831Go To Sleep300Tracker
2P e n T a G r a m1,996,427762Wongart XD300Warrior
3The One1,402,085403A'ndy300Blade Dancer
Detailed guild rank on Husaria4Satherr300Tracker
Detailed players rank on Husaria5Beautiful agony300Hunter
Wanted players on Husaria6Nexi300Hunter
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Administrative blog:
Today's update: The two events are over, a new quest, a Colossi entry price change and new premium sales!
The levels for Halloween Slayer quest series have changed. More details here.
Sky Sky Baby! quest has been fixed. You may repeat it now. Enjoy your game!