Game stats
Total online players19Total in-game characters22,117
Online record282New accounts in last 24h76
Active accounts11,709
World Cronus  us
Active players6,318
Server load12% / 9%
Players online2
Max online171
Data acquired on05:28:32, 18.08.2019
World Cronus
Managers of world Cronus
Lit Kol
World Husaria  pl
Active players11,028
Server load8% / 8%
Players online5
Max online230
Data acquired on05:28:53, 18.08.2019
World Husaria
Kattash, Rudzix
Managers of world Husaria
Lit Kol
World Steamrealm  us
Active players4,710
Server load13% / 9%
Players online12
Max online103
Data acquired on05:28:30, 18.08.2019
World Steamrealm
Lashley, Tynelka, Smooki, Look at my butt, Smoczi, Greeny, Fedevos, Shotitah
Managers of world Steamrealm
Lit Kol
World Experimental (Private)  us
Active players26
Server load25% / 9%
Players online0
Max online8
Data acquired on05:27:22, 18.08.2019
Regulationsnot accquired
World Experimental
Managers of world Experimental
Lit Kol
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Tomorrow's update: New Legendary Armors and NPCs, a couple of fixes and updates, and NEW PREMIUM SALES!
Today's update: Vacation Event changes incoming!
Today's update: Vacation Event 2019 is here! 7 Colossi, 3 Heroes, dozens of new items and resources, NEW PREMIUM SALES, and more!