Game stats
Total in-game characters19,323
New accounts in last 24h92
Active accounts10,343
World Cronus  us
Active players4,995
Server load4% / 5%
Data acquired on00:31:55, 26.10.2020
Managers of world Cronus
Lit Kol
World Husaria  pl
Active players8,812
Server load7% / 6%
Data acquired on00:32:24, 26.10.2020
Managers of world Husaria
Lit Kol
World Steamrealm  us
Active players5,458
Server load5% / 5%
Data acquired on00:31:17, 26.10.2020
Managers of world Steamrealm
Lit Kol
World Experimental (Private)  us
Active players15
Server load6% / 5%
Data acquired on00:32:27, 26.10.2020
Regulationsnot accquired
Managers of world Experimental
Lit Kol
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Administrative blog

Administrative blog:
Today's update: Los Males Dungeons, NEW PREMIUM SALES and more!
Today's update: Los Muertos Hotel update, NEW PREMIUM SALES and more!
Contact us via our Support Panel between September 23 and September 25 to adjust levels of your legendary items. Supported items are listed here.