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Welcome to the realm of Margonem, the best browser-based MMORPG! A vast world rife with challenges awaits you. Plunge yourself into gripping quests, develop your character, and make him do battle with mighty beasts! Get to know players from all around the world, and together face the most powerful monsters! Don't wait, play now FOR FREE!

The Return of Rim

Rim has come back to Margonem! But he's not a mere trader anymore. He wants to call him an explorer now. With his return, a strange Gnoll with a worrisome machine appeared in Margonem. Ithan and Verbin are in fear. Is there something even more gruesome than monsters from Mysterious Ruins around the corner?
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2017 Holiday Event is here!

It's time for a next expedition!
Join Captain Westwind in his sea voyages! However, this time it's more than that as you'll have to explore the depths of the sea. An ancient book was found a few weeks ago and it describes formidable monsters living under water in mysterious ruins. Are you brave enough to take such a risk and explore the depths in search of treasures?
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Dragon Sandbox

The expedition sent to the Dragonborn territories hasn't come back... There are rumors that a young dragon has appeared. In inns, people talk about treasures hidden under the sands of the desert. Brave men may start their journey in search of the dragon in Yss Valley. Cartographers claim that a short earth quake has opened the entrance to Rocks of Dead. Sharpen your swords! Prepare your armors! Mend your clothing! It's time to fight Dragonborn!
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Changes over here!
Daily Rewards are here! Visit Rim the Explorer (Town Hall Ithan) to get Routine Stones, which you can exchange for various premium items, including blessings and chest with Draconites, at Umpok the Trader's (Ithan). All changes come into force at 14:00 UTC+2.
Maintenance works on September 29, between 9:00 and 15:00 UTC+2! Sorry, but we need more time for servers and engine update...