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2018 Upgrades Update: Road to Legend Part 3

Are you ready for a breathtaking adventure across multiple time continuums? Visit Rim the Explorer in Ithan Town Hall - 2nd Floor and check out what the crazy explorer came up with this time. We can assure you of one thing. You haven't experienced anything like this before!

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2018 Upgrades Update: Road to Legend Part 2

Visit Albion the High Priest in Pass of Sanguine Messenger to get instructions on what to do next to become a master of upgrading. Only the best will manage. Will you be one of them?

More information: link...
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2018 Upgrades Update: Road to Legend Part 1

Rim is back again with yet another adventure. This time the self-proclaimed mighty explorer found a mystical book concerning upgrading items. Unfortunately, things gone wrong - as always. Go to Ithan Town Hall - 2nd Floor and help your old friend. Big things are right around the corner!

More information: link...
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2017 Halloween

Boo! Ghosts and zombies have haunted Margonem once again! Scary? Don't worry, we've got something sweet for you too! Pumpkin candy, desserts and drinks will help you gain some power to fight formidable monsters and solve mysterious cases...

This Halloween you'll have chance to:
-Complete a series of 4 quests to unlock i.a. Wolf outfit (visit Suspicious Man in Eder).
-Buy variety of Halloween items for Halloween Skulls currency (visit Valentino Quintuplets: Akino, Balbino, Chino, Dino, Ervino in Mirvenis-Adur).
-Take part in Pumpkin Challenge and fight dangerous monsters (visit Morcer in Mirvenis-Adur).

Plus, check out a new outfits offer in the premium store!

Fun fact: You can talk to some dogs.

Go to Khaled the Guardian in Eder to teleport to Mirvenis-Adur. His brother Khalid is waiting for you and will teleport you back to Eder if needed.

Happy Halloween!
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The Return of Rim

Rim has come back to Margonem! But he's not a mere trader anymore. He wants to call him an explorer now. With his return, a strange Gnoll with a worrisome machine appeared in Margonem. Ithan and Verbin are in fear. Is there something even more gruesome than monsters from Mysterious Ruins around the corner?
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2017 Holiday Event is here!

It's time for a next expedition!
Join Captain Westwind in his sea voyages! However, this time it's more than that as you'll have to explore the depths of the sea. An ancient book was found a few weeks ago and it describes formidable monsters living under water in mysterious ruins. Are you brave enough to take such a risk and explore the depths in search of treasures?
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Dragon Sandbox

The expedition sent to the Dragonborn territories hasn't come back... There are rumors that a young dragon has appeared. In inns, people talk about treasures hidden under the sands of the desert. Brave men may start their journey in search of the dragon in Yss Valley. Cartographers claim that a short earth quake has opened the entrance to Rocks of Dead. Sharpen your swords! Prepare your armors! Mend your clothing! It's time to fight Dragonborn!
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Margonem Basin

Heroes of Margonem!
It's time to prepare for an extraordinary expedition! Sands of Wernorad await for discovery. Some say that they are occupied by a dangerous dragon tribe. However, it's nothing new that the greatest dangers hide the greatest rewards.
A mysterious traveler - Rim - arrived in Ithan. Behind his caravan walked a mysterious man, all smeared in coal. When asked he claimed that he looked for rich territories in coal and copper deposits. Supposedly, these minerals appeared in Margonem as a consequence of his activies.
Rim announced that he would buy any amount of copper ingots! And in return he would give a magic chest with blessings!
Visit Ithan! Grab the minerals! Prepare for an expedition!
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4th Anniversary!

Can you believe that wer're together for so long? Around this time Wicked Patrick created data base for the and start to work on the version of the engine and tools. However, it took 3 months to prepare only the North part of the realm for the players and almost a year to make all the locations available including major southern cities. got a new forum, quests system with tracking, loot system (I know, I know), payment options and it's the only Margonem version that operates solemnly on the new client.
Ok, let's be done with the history. We have an event location for you. Every Planar Order will take you there. You'll meet there most of the Game Masters that was working on Margonem. Wicked Patrick has a lottery for gold that may be used every 12 hours. There are some shops, outfits and 3 event heroes. No quests this time, sorry!
The event will end on 2016-06-06 at midnight (CET).
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Experimental World!

The Experimental world is online! First players already applied and created new characters there! Experimental world is simply a development world where common players may play. How to get there see Experimental Rules. You'll see there things that are on a development world but not yet introduced to public worlds. It's an opportunity to change them, adjust and generally speak your mind! All changes will be logged here for you!
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Down the Rabbit hole!

This Easter we would like to invite you to the Wonderland. It's quite important not to mistake it with certain Neverland. I hope this year's Easter will have an old school touch. We manage to reactivate some really old good things. Don't worry some of the modern ones awaits you too.
To the point. In Wonderland are many shops with spectral items, outfits, potions and many more. We've introduced five event heroes, four of them are known fugitives. There's a titan for everyone who is brave enough. Red Queen has a daily quest, because there's event currency.
What's in plans? At least one more quest, more shops, lottery - everything we'll appear in the blog. Happy Easter and have fun!
You'll be taken to Wonderland by Planar Order. The event will end on 2016-04-24 at midnight (CET).
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New Battles and Guild Improvements!

I took a while but now you may check out the new battles with more convenient, more dense fight panel with all the actions you need and information about your opponents. The loot window has changed too. It's bigger and clearer.
This is a major update, so a few new options concerning guilds were introduced too! Now you can level your guild by means of guild quests. These are quests that every guild member may participate in. Every completed guild quest grants you a talent point that may be exchange into level of guild skill. The edit option and look of guild card was changed. You also may set up quite detailed recruitment parameters seen for players, like e.g. level, membership payment or age. You can also describe the profile of your guild for the people!
Long awaited Crystal of Unbinding was introduced in shop with upgrades.
A few remarks. You can add active skills to the battle window in skills panel by means of checkbox in certain skill details. Make sure to do that before fighting. The set of skills is changing when you choose an enemy, your own character and party member. It displays only skills that are available at the moment. In details you will see also the effects acting on chosen battle participant. All the questions and remarks will be much appreciated by our support.
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Valentine's Day!

Does everyone received their Valentine hugs and kisses? Don't look at me I won't give you any! However, we would like to introduce friendly atmosphere by switching off PvP in dangerous locations. Make love not war, dudes! If you have someone special in the game or you want to buy yourself something for Valentines - check out the shops of Nanny the Gypsy in Verbin and Bartain the Cavalier in Karka-han. I leave you with Maceene's heart problems too!
Non-PvP, quests and shops will remain to the early morning on 2016-02-22 (CET).
Remember about weaker titans, cheaper potions and increased experience for quests. They will be switched off on 2016-02-15 at 12:00 (CET).
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A little bit late, but hey, it's four days to Christmas! You are already hunting event heroes. They will get some more things to their loot. What's more? This year event currency will be snowflakes. Spend them carefully, because there are many merchants using them as payment and they have really cool stuff! Currently you can get snowflakes as a reward in a quest for stable elf, but there will be many more quests and ways to get them! In a game server event we will help a giant with cold feet and folks from a certain island. A few words about locations. There will be countless Christmas trees with decorations, colorful lights, beautifully wrapped presents and everything. You will also cover a lot of land (ice?) by skates and meet Inuits! Check the blog for more news!
You will get to the event locations by means of Planar Order or miner from Verbin. The event will be finished on 2016-01-24 at midnight (CET).
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New Client!

What's client? It's the part of the game that is responsible for the way how you see it in terms of graphics movement and all this fun stuff! Small window was just not enough with this huge screens that we have at home. That's why I'm proud to present a new client that's fit to HD resolutions and even for tablets. You can change it in a way that you like it.
Moreover, new client has a brand new set of skills. Every character class has its own unique skills and the learning depends on your character level and talent points spent. Old skills doesn't exist anymore so remember to take new one before going into the wild. Learning of skills is for free as well as resetting them, so experiment with them and find a great set suitable just for you style! There will be probably smaller adjustments in them, but the core will remain the same.
The guild panel is also new, so guild masters remember to change your pics to make it look even cooler!
Long awaited advent calendar works as well! Search for the button with Christmas glass balls! You can receive first 3 rewards from the calendar whenever you like, but you must open all windows to get the best Christmas gift!
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Creeps and weirdos are back in Margonem! You'll have an opportunity to visit count Dracula's manor with his castle and homes of different vampires, witches, scarecrows, ghosts, specters and other spooky fellows! Let's start easy with a lots of shops, lottery and a few quests, but do not fear! Or maybe you should? Expect major updates including: more quest, event heroes, more shops for event currency and maybe we come up with something even more interesting!
You will be taken to Gloomy Castle by every Planar Order member. We've signed an agreement with them in case of this event ;-). The event will end on 2015-11-30 and all elements will disappear on the next day in early morning (CET).
Two new quests from Graciella the Witch. Check it out!
Additional shop with lots of goodies, just ask Nailsteve the Coffin-Maker about it!
Check out 2 new event heroes: Striga (150 lvl) and Coins Boy (30 lvl) There are also 2 new event rlite monsters! Scolopendromorph (50 lvl) & Giant scolopendromorph (250 lvl). Each of them can be found on maps according their levels.
Have fun with!
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There are some special days in a year when you can feel magic in the air! Autumnal equinox is one of such days in which we not only say farewell to summer, but also guest visitors from the underworld! No worries, in this event we will take you to the Faravay island when there's no fall or winter and where the grim ancestors of Yuan-ti as well as mighty titans await you. These last one you'll find in Abandoned Temple. On the river shore in Torneg Faravay Wayfarer expects people who would like to go to the sunny island!
What's more? Aside event heroes and titans, expect quests , including daily ones. I'm sure that a small game world's event can be fun too!
The event will end on 2015-10-19 in early morning (CET).
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As every year we celebrate Beltaine in! For all those who haven't take part in last year's event, we prepared the old quests. For everyone else there is many new ones including dailies! Moreover event heroes will come back with enhanced loots, because we start Beltaine lottery with many Celtic items, demons and all the fun stuff that players enjoy and need! So don't be greedy, there's plenty for all of you! Expect heroes tomorrow, extra shops and surprises will appear during whole event! Search for the druid in Torneg who will take you to the festival! Have fun and may the Force be with you!
Beltaine will last until early morning on July, 27th 2015 (CET).
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Children's Day

Once in a while everyone can feel like a child! That's why we want to invite every kid, teenager and people young in their spirits to take part! Every opportunity to make an event is good, right?
There's another reason. It's great day because we celebrate also official third birthday of Margonem. Yes, we're together for exactly three years! It's not such a small deal. That's why we would like you to meet a part of Margonem team in a fantasy sweet island where you could help them organize the party itself.
On the beginning you will have four quest from Game Masters on the isle, where relaxed Elejlon in Ithan will take you. Special guests will be the Downstreet Boys! Tommy has something special for you too! On the island of huge lollipops and cotton candy trees are shops with special things for you. Soon more quests will appear so brace yourself! You should also teach a lesson to roving Game Masters! There will be something wrong with the birthday island, it will need help from all the players! Observe the blog!
The event will end on 2015-06-12 in early morning (CET).
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This year we come back to pirate bay and Tortuga! In Torneg and in Tuzmer Harbor you’ll find captain Nemo who will take you to his ship and you’ll sail towards pirate isle! There will wait for you ten special quests counting three daily, five pirates roving the country side, many pirate souvenirs, items, outfits and lottery. You’ll get a chance to become a real pirate, learn shanty and search for a treasure chest! But it’s not everything! Stay tuned for even more quests, group event, shop updates!
The event will end on 4th of May 2015 in early morning (CET). Search for Captain Kreig in Eder's Tavern who will give you new event task. Look for King-Sized Pearl Oyster on Tortuga! Answer the riddle and gain cool stuff!
New quests and shops are now available! Visit Tortuga's Ladies to enjoy them all: Calypso the Mermaid and Sericia the Paleface will give you tasks, Wendy the Slabslash and Jacqueline Rapier the Stinkin' Cap'n offer lots of useful items for your character. Have fun!

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