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To Ithan came a circus company with many clowns, jugglers, conjurers and all kinds of freaks! They’ve got for you different tricks and fun stuff! Willy the Top Hat organizes a lottery and every one of you can become a winner! How’s your luck? Do you think you can get a lucky ticket? Every effort is worth it! Willy has really cool stuff in his lottery: upgrades, blessings that increase experience and chance for loot, potions that heal during a fight and many, many more! The clowns and company will stay with us to the end of the March 2015
Today is also the festival of our beloved ladies - the Women's Day, because of this occasion Riveny from Torneg sells flowers that are one of the best gifts to say thank you to your lady and Irmony from Verbin prepared special dresses for women. In Moorland is a fairy in trouble and Frenzy siblings from Verbin are looking for rainbow shards. We haven't forgotten about heroes! I present you - the Rainbow Guardian Witches! Women's Day will end at 2015-03-13 in early morning (CET).
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No one really likes to write e-mails. You must log into your e-mail account, think what to write and how. It's tedious. That's why I present you brand new support, exclusively for Margonem! You may enter it by choosing Support tab and clicking banner on the bottom. You'll find there also some helpful links for newbies. New support connects FAQ and contact form. The FAQ is poor, but I'm sure it will grow with time. Don't forget to log in to use the support!
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Valentine’s Day!

We’ve got loads of love for you! Whether you have your love one or not, you always find something for you in Margonem! If you are looking for small gifts for your friends in the game, you should visit Nanny the Gypsy from Verbin and Bartain the Cavalier from Karka-han. Bartain has also a stand with Valentine outfits. In the northern part of the realm you will find heart shaped padlocks. Two vendors from Moorland will give you pretty interesting things for them. Oh, and someone from Golden Wyvern Tavern has a pretty ugly problem concerning heart matters. Let it be love!
The event will end on 2015-02-20.
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Check out Draconite tab on Margonem's main page! Now, you can buy it in many different and convenient ways! Thanks to Paymentwall – our payments intermediary, you may buy Draconite using text messages, credit cards, electronic transfers, PayPal and prepaid cards. Everything in your language and in your currency! You can choose your favorite way of payment according to services that are available in your country. Just choose the logo, packet of Draconite and hit buy!
Now you get twice as much Draconite for the same money!
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White Christmas!

It doesn't matter whether outside your window is a sunny beach or rainy, gray day, in Margonem you have snow and all the winter fun. Cantar the Foreman from Verbin discovered a strange tunnel. If you are brave enough to enter it, you'll get to the first of event locations where you can ride on carts and that's how you'll get to the Cold Valley – the residence of Santa and his elves.
A third event quest was introduced today. Many of you get a present from the last window in the Advent calendar. Prizy the Elf from Cold Valley open it for you. Don't forget to gather glass balls, because they can be used to buy epic equipment! However, it's not the end of fun and news. We keep you updated in the Administrative blog.
On behalf of the team I would like to wish you great loots, heroes at every corner and mighty parties to kill titans!
The event will end on 18th of January 2015.
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Booo! Are you afraid? You should be! Here comes with the great strides the dreadfully expected Halloween! Have fun with the residents of Torneg!
At first please pay a visit to Cedric the Mayor, who notices residents' serious problem with... vanishing disguises! Immediately afterward, go to the Karka-han Necropolis to undertake Bone Collector's collusive task worthy of a true wraith.
Phew... Life of a stouthearted fellow is not a piece of cake... but thanks to it, you'll get a chance to see the festive Torneg.
If you want to meet this year's guests from afterlife, just talk to Mr. Death about it. He is abysmally eager to teleport Players to event map. Multiple attractions are waiting for you there. Discover them step by step, along with the guests arrived from the afterlife.
Can you become true Hero of upcoming Halloween? Find it out with creepy support of ghosts, vampires and witches in their endeavors. Enjoy spooky fun!
Stay tuned! Soon there will be heroes, new quests and more!
Halloween will last until the end of November 2014.
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New Ithan!

The most known town in Margonem - Ithan, has a new brand look. It looks almost like a stronghold with large thick walls. You'll see new buildings in the town. Soon there will be also a tavern. I think you wait for interesting characters and shops to appear and you're right! Maybe we make some use of the whipping post in the middle of Ithan main square. That should be fun!
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The Festival of Fire!

It's time for mesmerizing great fires! For dancing and singing to ensure bright future of people and animals! It's a magical time of the year. It's said that all the fortune-telling made today will come true. Even morning dew, well and lake water can have extraordinary properties! Let yourself fall under a spell of Beltaine!
This time you've got 2 quests and 2 shops at your disposal! Old woman from Torneg will take you to event location! Soon new attractions will appear so stay tuned! The event will end at 2014-08-17 at midnight.
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Monastery opened!

At last you can meet all the Rosarians from the Monastery on the Rock in Agia Triada! We prepared just for you almost 40 new locations including lavabo, libraries, bell tower etc. You can talk to more than 100 Rosarians and find some new interesting shops, also potion ones! Have fun!
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Wild Easter!

Howdy, partners! Have you ever been to Wild West? Now, you have the chance! Let’s start Easter event in Chicken Creek! You will find there a real saloon, bank, funeral home and many more. American Indians, gunslingers, sheriff and other town’s folks, will greet you!
You’ll get there from Karka-han, just talk with Billy Crush. Sheriff Longbarrel will lead you back. Wait for more news!
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Robbery in Karka-han!

There was a theft in Karka-han! Someone stole whole gold from the town hall’s vault! People lost over night their life’s work! The four members of the gang are heading south. However, something happened and mean thugs started to make mistakes. They lost some of their loot! All citizens and adventurers that found stolen gold are asked to report with the stolen property to Malcolm the Scribe from Karka-han Town Hall.
You’ve been waiting for another group event and here it is! Find the gold and return it in Karka-han Town Hall! See how ranking is changing! Be quick and be smart to win the first prize! The event will end on 14.04.2014.
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Monastery in Agia Triada!

Rosarians’ Monastery is one of the greatest structures in whole Margonem. It contains almost 40 chambers, workshops, and halls. You will find there 70 acolytes and monks. Lately we’ve opened for you Garth and Temple, now we give you access to Chapter House, Refectory, Bakery, Brewery and a few smaller basements and vaults. Have fun! Soon you will see the rest!
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Cold Valley!

The next stage of Christmas event! Visit Cold Valley - use handcars in Christmas Tree Woods. Talk to Santa, be careful on the ice rink and take care about reindeer! Buy great items for Elves' Glass Balls in Cookie the Elf's shop. Gather glass balls by preparing fodder for Stable Elf in a new daily quest! Most of all, there are two green individuals roaming the land with some interesting, stolen gifts!
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Green hordes attack!

We started our first group event. Every player from particular game’s world may take part in it. Don’t take Christmas for granted, because there are some opposing forces and now they’ve attack Margonem! Find Cantar the Foreman. He will take you through a secret passage, where Santa Claus’s elves fight with hideous, green monsters. Help them and you will get rewards.

For players that like to trade, we prepared Link of the Road – a wandering merchant. After each deal he goes away and appears in different spot. Find him and buy whatever you like!

Oh, if there isn’t any snow outside your window, we provided you with 3 maps full of snow, frozen lakes ant waterfalls. You can get cold just looking on it. Therefore, wear warm caps and scarves and play!
You'll find details in comments under the news.
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Advent Calendar

Tomorrow we will start with Advent calendar. Log in everyday to gather all the rewards! If you open all the windows, you will get something special on 24 of December! It’s not the only thing that you must be ready to in December! Stay with us and expect further updates! More about calendar rules you will find in the forums.
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Let us celebrate our first event! Just for you Torneg has changed into a spooky town until the end of November! There are pumpkins and lanterns everywhere and remember not to kill any of the denizens dressed as monsters! Griselda the Witch has many interesting things to sell and there are rumors about two roving scarecrows. Make sure you will take care of them! Tomorrow we will start with event auctions! Stay tuned for more updates!
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New locations!

Today, we introduced three new locations. Until now, monsters with experience levels between 15-45 were scatter all over the northern part of the realm and gaining experience was troublesome. It has changed! Forest Ford is just outside Ithan and you can find there bears and brown ants. Close to Verbin, scouts discover Wolves Tribe settlement. Moreover, the shady men appeared in neighborhood of Torneg. They probably stay in Plunderers Hills. Don’t forget about mine in Ithan! Have fun!
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Skills trainers!

Now the skills learning panel is in one place. In every town, there’s a trainer, usually placed in town hall. It’s a character that teaches all the skill paths. Now you can develop your profession’s abilities while visiting town, selling loots or buying potions.
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Notice Boards!

Have you ever searched for a new quest? Now, you can find all the quests awaiting you on towns’ notice boards! Everything’s there – where, who and what! Quests list concerns work contracts that possess level requirements -10 and +5 according to your experience level and profession.
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System of outfit changing was introduced. Now outfit changes after gaining every 10 levels of experience. The outfits are default for a specific level interval. Other outfits will be won in different ways. You should expect them in close future.
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