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World Cronus us
1Night hunters369,103171Sharpi248Mage
2Alone In The Darkness328,420312The Phenom244Tracker
3Lost Eden296,520183Moment217Hunter
Detailed guild rank on Cronus4Zac213Warrior
Detailed players rank on Cronus5Divoff213Tracker
Wanted players on Cronus6misty palladin207Paladin
World Husaria pl
1The One891,229341Beautiful agony236Hunter
2The Green Mile658,650382Andy235Paladin
3Carpe Diem564,679463Wongart XD230Warrior
Detailed guild rank on Husaria4Viviana229Mage
Detailed players rank on Husaria5Wersus226Hunter
Wanted players on Husaria6John Coffey224Warrior
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Administrative blog:
Four event heroes were introduced into the game.
Equipment is visible in players' profiles. You may now enter profiles ... more
You can paste your items in the forums.