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World Cronus us
1Fearsome Angels764,612381Me-X-et268Blade Dancer
3Stark256,497203The Toyyer250Warrior
Detailed guild rank on Cronus4misty palladin247Paladin
Detailed players rank on Cronus5Zac218Warrior
Wanted players on Cronus6Divoff214Tracker
World Husaria pl
1The One1,229,566431Andy293Tracker
2Oczy z głębin mroku532,413182Wersus289Hunter
3Veni Vidi Vici420,289233Beautiful agony273Hunter
Detailed guild rank on Husaria4Wongart XD233Warrior
Detailed players rank on Husaria5Go To Sleep228Tracker
Wanted players on Husaria6Anula217Mage
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Administrative blog:
New location with orcs - Desolate Bastion, next to the Ruined Stronghold.
Easter Event - Two new quests concerning mermaid on Tortuga.
Easter Event - Wendy and Jacqueline from Tortuga have stores for Easter pearls.