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World Cronus us
1Nietypowi606,473481The Toyyer270Warrior
3Invisible383,398213Too Much244Paladin
Detailed guild rank on Cronus4Narfen244Mage
Detailed players rank on Cronus5Tillage238Mage
Wanted players on Cronus6Commander-Wodzu231Blade Dancer
World Husaria pl
1The One1,211,950331Andy307Tracker
2Exegi Monumentum708,827272Wersus302Hunter
3Aelebera Order Restored622,494293Beautiful agony285Hunter
Detailed guild rank on Husaria4Go To Sleep279Tracker
Detailed players rank on Husaria5Wongart XD275Warrior
Wanted players on Husaria6Salvon253Hunter
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Administrative blog:
Items' stats adjustment. See more in forums technical section.
Halloween - Bite the Vampire sells daggers and orbs for event currency!
Halloween - 2 event heroes and 2 roving Scolopendromorphs appeared!