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Game stats
Total players14Total ingame characters65,023
Online record282Accounts created last 24h171
Max players55,008
World Cronus us
Active players5,958
Server load0% / 0%
Players online4
Max online79
Data accuired on04:51:51, 31.01.2015
World Cronus
Euff, xKowalx, King Magic, Darknes Nightmare
Managers of world Cronus
World Husaria pl
Active players59,024
Server load0% / 0%
Players online10
Max online230
Data accuired on04:52:44, 31.01.2015
World Husaria
Hajron, To ja kroma, Timidity, By Misio, boston, La-Strega, Yahiko, Obcyy
Managers of world Husaria
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Administrative blog:
Gnolls, furbols, ants, ice golems and their loots received new graphics.
Scrawls the Elf has new quest - continuation of previous ones.
Christmas - Someone scattered Christmas gifts all over northern part of Margonem.