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Game stats
Total online players8Total in-game characters103,543
Online record282New accounts in last 24h121
Active accounts88,850
World Cronus us
Active players11,307
Server load0% / 0%
Players online6
Max online82
Data acquired on06:07:20, 29.11.2015
World Cronus
Wojoreczek, Rapobii, Tetsu, Pifadix, Sandiz
Managers of world Cronus
Wicked Patrick, Xentis
World Husaria pl
Active players92,191
Server load0% / 0%
Players online2
Max online230
Data acquired on06:05:28, 29.11.2015
World Husaria
Giddes, margeter
Managers of world Husaria
Wicked Patrick, Xentis
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Administrative blog:
Items' stats adjustment. See more in forums technical section.
Halloween - Bite the Vampire sells daggers and orbs for event currency!
Halloween - 2 event heroes and 2 roving Scolopendromorphs appeared!