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Total players16Total ingame characters133,197
Online record282Accounts created last 24h132
Max players113,769
World Cronus us
Active players9,895
Server load1% / 0%
Players online4
Max online77
Data accuired on03:53:44, 23.07.2014
World Cronus
Portagas D Ace, nivia, ozi xd trop
Managers of world Cronus
World Husaria pl
Active players123,265
Server load1% / 0%
Players online12
Max online230
Data accuired on03:54:13, 23.07.2014
World Husaria
PinkiePie, Brytney, Salvon, Khratos, Avarielle, Dope, Syn OstrEgo, Blade Ladie, Tyberamiros, Beretta, Oko's
Managers of world Husaria
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Four event heroes were introduced into the game.
Equipment is visible in players' profiles. You may now enter profiles ... more
You can paste your items in the forums.