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Total players46Total ingame characters30,670
Online record282Accounts created last 24h180
Max players24,357
World Cronus us
Active players3,350
Server load2% / 1%
Players online12
Max online77
Data accuired on22:55:55, 01.09.2014
World Cronus
Sorter, Borsuk Extreme, Zawad, Mileg, Luckamenn, Deathbringer, Pequena, Khorne, Rabbit On The Grass, BadLuck
Managers of world Cronus
World Husaria pl
Active players27,284
Server load0% / 1%
Players online34
Max online230
Data accuired on22:57:09, 01.09.2014
World Husaria
Go To Sleep, Feta, Mutai, Andy, looboz next, Sweet Agony, Itachi, Agregor, John Coffey, Anula, Salvon, Goorgo, Tristis, Cisek, Sir Kondris, Dres z Wrzosowa, Shatemore, hesoyam, Hunter Wielki, Dezy, Matar, MrocznySmok, Markoos, dj mag, Ziompolak, ProMieczyk, mati I, Zara, Xiqq, Odis, ojejuu, lucus, Shely
Managers of world Husaria
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Administrative blog:
Jareny from Ithan sells school uniforms.
Obviously, new background appeared on the Margonem's website.
Two low level event heroes were introduced in the game.