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Total players31Total ingame characters23,199
Online record282Accounts created last 24h204
Max players17,654
World Cronus us
Active players2,822
Server load0% / 0%
Players online8
Max online77
Data accuired on02:21:03, 02.08.2014
World Cronus
Lady, Tracker Nurokoi, Szafirek, The Phenom, BunnyNight
Managers of world Cronus
World Husaria pl
Active players20,341
Server load0% / 0%
Players online23
Max online230
Data accuired on02:21:21, 02.08.2014
World Husaria
Andy, Itachi, Pan Cienia, Alive, Agregor, centurion, Kroton X, Van Suron, virtisek, figure of fun, Mikemah, Edzios, Ganofir, vaniliowa, Mati Zbocz, Sedziaa, Ser Turek, Ciastteczko, Dalvier, bladeY, HizeHaze, Lischlo
Managers of world Husaria
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Four event heroes were introduced into the game.
Equipment is visible in players' profiles. You may now enter profiles ... more
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