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Game stats
Total online players72Total in-game characters97,567
Online record282New accounts in last 24h48
Active accounts83,603
World Cronus us
Active players10,589
Server load1% / 0%
Players online30
Max online82
Data acquired on14:42:09, 05.10.2015
World Cronus
matiopex, Geratius, Neurotoksyna, Qubexx, Lightninger, Astronau II, Voldo, MrsDarkness, Xednix, Doorthan, Magefek, Slayer'R, Krolik, Rubella, Mummy, Katara, McDevil, Unreal Boy, rudyaka, zyziomek, Sranczo Pansa, Maciek fgt, Dement Soul, Naito, Despicable, Stefan Krol Zydowski, Tiver, lolloss
Managers of world Cronus
Wicked Patrick, Xentis
World Husaria pl
Active players86,936
Server load1% / 0%
Players online42
Max online230
Data acquired on14:42:00, 05.10.2015
World Husaria
Maniek I, Pan Kurde Popcorn, Wusz Mitu, Sweet Agony, ListonoszPat, Jordanos PL, Sir patryk, asasins, Voxen, Prowadze, Harlan, red sweeter, Hyc zaa Cyc, Sindales, malinkaxcx, Mandate of Heaven, Mefistofeles, Deadly Cat, Hunter-red, Byth Marn, Lord Hurgen, papatyk, lukixp, Pan Peabody, pal x, AreYouReady, Filip Modelski, Qeenty, bzyku to frajer, Artuz
Managers of world Husaria
Wicked Patrick, Xentis
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Administrative blog:
Equinox Event - Event titans are 15% weaker on Cronus.
Equinox Event - Tomorrow (2015-09-30) from 8:00 (CET) rewards from dai... more
Equinox Event - The daily quest was extended.