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Game stats
Total online players32Total in-game characters115,936
Online record282New accounts in last 24h32
Active accounts99,750
World Cronus us
Active players12,895
Server load0% / 1%
Players online6
Max online82
Data acquired on20:43:27, 06.05.2016
World Cronus
Tetriell I, Lester, Ahmann, Tha Infamous, demiurg, Asnir
Managers of world Cronus
Wicked Patrick
World Husaria pl
Active players102,935
Server load1% / 1%
Players online20
Max online230
Data acquired on20:43:13, 06.05.2016
World Husaria
Sir anaku, Tessrina Ghelrek, Veenon, Miki crobey, MoVado, SKage, Defekt I, tomasz chada, Piki Junior, Dimitri Vegas, Xara, Animal Style, Wigrry, Gold Tamer, Faustus, reikruder, k-app-a, HeadMagical, KaznoCh
Managers of world Husaria
Wicked Patrick
World Experimental (Private)
Active players60
Server load2% / 1%
Players online6
Max online13
Data acquired on20:44:08, 06.05.2016
Regulationsnot accquired
World Experimental
Sadi', Fisz ll, Szalony Rycerz, Kubusek, Predatorek
Managers of world Experimental
Wicked Patrick, Xentis
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Administrative blog:
Badur in Torneg offers Blood Bath.
Easter - Event heroes have twice as many loot items and respawn twice as fast!
New maps of Safe Haven, Wailing Cascades and the inside of Devastated Abbey.