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Game stats
Total online players47Total in-game characters80,895
Online record282New accounts in last 24h95
Active accounts68,907
World Cronus us
Active players7,858
Server load0% / 0%
Players online10
Max online82
Data acquired on11:43:54, 28.05.2015
World Cronus
RajkaaPL, EMSharingan, Maestroo, Shimi, Sick, DzikiBorsuk, Duncan
Managers of world Cronus
Wicked Patrick, Xentis
World Husaria pl
Active players72,996
Server load1% / 1%
Players online37
Max online230
Data acquired on11:43:06, 28.05.2015
World Husaria
cakeea, Filendilessa, Heheszky, Foxerr, Zjarus, Vincent Dimantino, Syriusz Black, proo hunter, ChudyKox, Tessrina Ghelrek, MissHuntress, Pacastor, Aleq Sorc, Siona, Greyn, Faoli, Gilbert, Critical Strike, Drum n Bass, Saruis, funkyjuki, Weku, antygona, absolwent WSRH, Mark hw, Rocki, Nijamin, Strychu, Wikuxo, Blazed, Cannabiss
Managers of world Husaria
Wicked Patrick, Xentis
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Administrative blog:
Mother's Day - 4 event quests from monsters in Ithan.
Mother's Day - Titans are respawning in 3 hours.
Weekend Promo - City healers' healing potions are cheaper!