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Total players12Total ingame characters109,758
Online record282Accounts created last 24h270
Max players92,643
World Cronus us
Active players7,466
Server load0% / 0%
Players online5
Max online77
Data accuired on05:47:41, 17.04.2014
World Cronus
Ash, RybkaXd, Rapobii, Magefist Pro
Managers of world Cronus
World Husaria pl
Active players102,255
Server load0% / 0%
Players online7
Max online225
Data accuired on05:47:36, 17.04.2014
World Husaria
loloka, Wersus, gerg, CyberHunter, Ketai II, Sir Tadzik, Keraj xD
Managers of world Husaria

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Administrative blog:
Robbery in Karka-han - Event ends at 8 p.m. 14.04.2014 (GMT+2).
Introprodar - the green dragon, has a new look.
Heroes have 100% loot rate.