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Welcome to the realm of Margonem, the best browser-based MMORPG! A vast world rife with challenges awaits you. Plunge yourself into gripping quests, develop your character, and make him do battle with mighty beasts! Get to know players from all around the world, and together face the most powerful monsters! Don't wait, play now FOR FREE!


Check out Draconite tab on Margonem's main page! Now, you can buy it in many different and convenient ways! Thanks to Paymentwall – our payments intermediary, you may buy Draconite using text messages, credit cards, electronic transfers, PayPal and prepaid cards. Everything in your language and in your currency! You can choose your favorite way of payment according to services that are available in your country. Just choose the logo, packet of Draconite and hit buy!
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White Christmas!

It doesn't matter whether outside your window is a sunny beach or rainy, gray day, in Margonem you have snow and all the winter fun. Cantar the Foreman from Verbin discovered a strange tunnel. If you are brave enough to enter it, you'll get to the first of event locations where you can ride on carts and that's how you'll get to the Cold Valley – the residence of Santa and his elves.
A third event quest was introduced today. Many of you get a present from the last window in the Advent calendar. Prizy the Elf from Cold Valley open it for you. Don't forget to gather glass balls, because they can be used to buy epic equipment! However, it's not the end of fun and news. We keep you updated in the Administrative blog.
On behalf of the team I would like to wish you great loots, heroes at every corner and mighty parties to kill titans!
The event will end on 18th of January 2015.
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Booo! Are you afraid? You should be! Here comes with the great strides the dreadfully expected Halloween! Have fun with the residents of Torneg!
At first please pay a visit to Cedric the Mayor, who notices residents' serious problem with... vanishing disguises! Immediately afterward, go to the Karka-han Necropolis to undertake Bone Collector's collusive task worthy of a true wraith.
Phew... Life of a stouthearted fellow is not a piece of cake... but thanks to it, you'll get a chance to see the festive Torneg.
If you want to meet this year's guests from afterlife, just talk to Mr. Death about it. He is abysmally eager to teleport Players to event map. Multiple attractions are waiting for you there. Discover them step by step, along with the guests arrived from the afterlife.
Can you become true Hero of upcoming Halloween? Find it out with creepy support of ghosts, vampires and witches in their endeavors. Enjoy spooky fun!
Stay tuned! Soon there will be heroes, new quests and more!
Halloween will last until the end of November 2014.
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Administrative blog:
Gnolls, furbols, ants, ice golems and their loots received new graphics.
Scrawls the Elf has new quest - continuation of previous ones.
Christmas - Someone scattered Christmas gifts all over northern part of Margonem.