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Welcome to the realm of Margonem, the best browser-based MMORPG! A vast world rife with challenges awaits you. Plunge yourself into gripping quests, develop your character, and make him do battle with mighty beasts! Get to know players from all around the world, and together face the most powerful monsters! Don't wait, play now FOR FREE!

4th Anniversary!

Can you believe that wer're together for so long? Around this time Wicked Patrick created data base for the and start to work on the version of the engine and tools. However, it took 3 months to prepare only the North part of the realm for the players and almost a year to make all the locations available including major southern cities. got a new forum, quests system with tracking, loot system (I know, I know), payment options and it's the only Margonem version that operates solemnly on the new client.
Ok, let's be done with the history. We have an event location for you. Every Planar Order will take you there. You'll meet there most of the Game Masters that was working on Margonem. Wicked Patrick has a lottery for gold that may be used every 12 hours. There are some shops, outfits and 3 event heroes. No quests this time, sorry!
The event will end on 2016-06-06 at midnight (CET).
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Experimental World!

The Experimental world is online! First players already applied and created new characters there! Experimental world is simply a development world where common players may play. How to get there see Experimental Rules. You'll see there things that are on a development world but not yet introduced to public worlds. It's an opportunity to change them, adjust and generally speak your mind! All changes will be logged here for you!
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Down the Rabbit hole!

This Easter we would like to invite you to the Wonderland. It's quite important not to mistake it with certain Neverland. I hope this year's Easter will have an old school touch. We manage to reactivate some really old good things. Don't worry some of the modern ones awaits you too.
To the point. In Wonderland are many shops with spectral items, outfits, potions and many more. We've introduced five event heroes, four of them are known fugitives. There's a titan for everyone who is brave enough. Red Queen has a daily quest, because there's event currency.
What's in plans? At least one more quest, more shops, lottery - everything we'll appear in the blog. Happy Easter and have fun!
You'll be taken to Wonderland by Planar Order. The event will end on 2016-04-24 at midnight (CET).
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Weekend Event - We doubled your chances to get loot from monsters for this weekend!
The error with Insane Orc Hunter has been fixed.
Weekend Event - Monsters give you twice as much experience and you can have 15 levels more than elite monster and still get the loot.