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Blade dancer
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Beginner's Luck
Loot unique item
Man of Honor [0/9]
Gather 10 glory
Gatherer [0/5]
Get 1 tab(s) of deposit
Stroke of Luck
Loot heroic item
Funny Coins [0/6]
Gather 10 ducats
Gods' Grace
Loot legendary item
Skills Beginner [0/6]
Learn 5 skills
Martial Arts Rookie
Learn your first skill
Student [0/14]
Get 10th level
Hungry [0/6]
Eat 5 Pieces of Meat
Sturdy [0/3]
Heal 1000 points of HP
Extra Gold [0/6]
Sell 5 items at auction
Occasional Buyer [0/6]
Buy 5 items at auction
Coin Collector [0/7]
Gather 1000 gold


Margonem Strider [0/9]
Visit all towns in Margonem
Where's Griswold?
Explore Tristam
Speak, friend, and enter!
Explore Ograbar-dun
Explore Snow Grotto
Conan the Barbarian
Explore Valmir's Hamlet
Reach Ingotia Island
Explore Altepetl Mahoptekan
Explore Arachnitopia
Something smells here!
Explore Nithal's Sewers
Temple Robber
Explore Andarum Temple
Monty Python's Flying Circus Fan
Explore Caerbannog's Grotto
Hot Guy
Explore Infernal Cave
Visit Island of Dreams
Explore Stone Sentry
Here doggie, doggie!
Explore Gnoll Settlement
Duergars' Enemy
Explore Margoria
Explore White Bone Grotto
The Adventure Begins!
Find a way out of starting village

Fights with monsters

This ain't no place for no hero [0/10]
Complete all Shaiharrud achievments
You Can Run But You Cannot Hide [0/16]
Kill all heroes
Lucky Chance [0/6]
Kill 2 hero monsters
Cannon Fodder [0/6]
Take part in 2 victorious titan fights
Lucky Lad [0/4]
Win 10 fights with 95% full HP lose
Proving Yourself [0/6]
Kill 25 elite monsters
Sword Brandisher [0/7]
Kill 10 monsters
Scratch [0/6]
Inflict 1000 total damage
Spank [0/6]
Receive 1000 total damage
Mouse Catcher [0/4]
Kill 100 1lvl critters
Self-defense [0/6]
Win 25 fights

PvP fights

Easier Said Than Done [0/5]
Kill 5 players with 20 levels above yours
Is It All What You've Got? [0/4]
Receive 10000 total damage in PvP
Warning Shot [0/4]
Inflict 10000 total damage in PvP
Coincidence [0/5]
Get killed 10 times
Dueler [0/5]
Kill 10 players


Winged Messenger [0/1]
Finish 10 daily quests in one day
Petty Thief [0/3]
Finish 5 quests in Eder
Guide [0/3]
Finish 5 quests in Mythar
University Student [0/3]
Finish 5 quests in Nithal
Man of Science [0/3]
Finish 5 quests in Thuzal
Sailor [0/3]
Finish 5 quests in Tuzmer
Townsman [0/3]
Finish 5 quests in Karka-han
Planar Wanderer [0/9]
Get 1 teleport permit(s)
Helper [0/5]
Finish 10 daily quests
Gentleman [0/5]
Finish 10 quests
Niel's Listener [0/3]
Finish 5 quests in Ithan
Peasant [0/3]
Finish 5 quests in Torneg
Miner [0/3]
Finish 5 quests in Verbin
That's a Good Start! [0/1]
Finish 5 starting village quests


Recluse [0/4]
Make 2 friends
Generous Donation
Deposit 100 gold in guild vault
Brothers in Arms
Join a guild
Talk with someone on private chat
Postman Always Rings Twice
Receive a mail message
No News Is Good News
Send a mail message
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